Showing YOU to the World how you’d like to be shown

Sometimes you’re required to look professional for work. Through my corporate world experience, I know how much your image represents who you are. It’s all about how you’ve been directed to pose, your expression and your experience of being photographed.

Other times, you just want to update how the world sees you. You are YOU - inside and out. Let's capture the best view of you. Let's chat about what you want that to look like - what mood, style and persona you want to share. It’s important to me that Essentially Art sessions leads to quality images reflect you at your very best.

·      A consultation

·      An outfit choice

·      A scheduled photo shoot  - it’s as simple as that.

 Images are delivered promptly in an applicable digital format ready to upload to your online profile, branding assets file or C.V.  

Check out the Essential Personal Branding Package on the pricing page here.

Highly Recommended! Nicki made me feel really relaxed during the early morning shoot. She was so lovely in the way she encouraged me in how to stand and different angles for my headshots, even down to the tiny details of telling me how to position my hand. I now use the photos for my professional online profile as well as my social media ones. I would highly recommend Nicki if you need a photographer who you can trust - not only does she take incredible photos, but she also builds your confidence and makes you feel great, on both the inside and out - Zoe