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Anticipating the arrival of a long awaited, much loved newborn is full of firsts and special moments. Trying to capture all those feels before the little one comes is really important, because as any parent will tell you, life happily turns upside down when they finally make their appearance!  

David and Allyson had some fantastic ideas as we casually planned their photoshoot together.  The baby’s room was going to have a nautical theme - “love it, let’s go to the wharf near your home!”  They brought along a few special mementos that told tales of how they found out the gender of the baby and a gift from an extra special person - “let’s tuck them into a photo here and there so you can keep telling the story with the photos on your wall”.   We had several conversations about their own outfits, likes and dislikes of current maternity styles and after a couple of texts backwards and forwards from several department store fitting rooms across the city, the “perfect for Allyson” dress was found! (Which incidentally happily got used for several special events prior to birth, value for money I’d say).

The photoshoot was such a fun and memorable time, warm breezes make for flowy dresses, onlooking fisherman giving caring advice from the wharf while dropping his line, gorgeous sunsets and several laughs.  These guys are incredibly caring parents with a gorgeous baby to boot! So excited for their family and for letting me capture a bit of their special occasion story. 

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