Growing up, few planned photos of my own family were taken before a loved one tragically passed away. What I would give to have printed images from my early years - as a reminder of those precious family relationships and as legacy to share with my own kids. It’s one of the key reasons why I love to create what I call Essentially Art.

Nicki Osbaldiston|Photographer

Kia Ora. I’m originally from small town New Zealand then relocated with my husband to Auckland’s North Shore where time flew as we worked and raised our young lads. For the past six years we have been living and working overseas. During this time I have learned new photography techniques and styles from some master photographers putting them into action with various assignments incorporated into my role overseas. I’m so excited to return to our beautiful, scenic homeland and work with people just like you.

I’ve always loved to create. I love to look through the lens of a camera and capture beauty and connection. I especially love the delighted smiles, rise in stature and eagerness to capture more when people see through the back of the camera how great lighting and a bit of gentle direction brings out their best. I’m also told that my eyes light up when I talk about my latest photo session. I can’t help it - my last session is almost always my favourite.

During my all-time favourite volunteer photography assignment I worked closely for several years with a small organisation who help human-trafficking survivors recover and thrive. The redemption stories I heard while letting my camera be my eyes were incredible. I’d love to share more sometime if you’re interested.

This is Us! Yep, the kids are grown - I blinked!

This is Us! Yep, the kids are grown - I blinked!

Photographing scenic spots around North Auckland, Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Orewa, Silverdale, Matakana, Rodney and surrounding areas

If you’re wondering if we’d get along, I assure you I’m still a Kiwi girl from small town New Zealand. I wear gumboots to most shoots just in case I need to get down in the mud or sand for that killer shot. I yell loudly at rugby on T.V. - oh how I’ve missed rugby while living overseas. I love a long walk on the beach in any weather - forget the smooth hair. Oh, and I have the sweetest natured rescue dog ever, I’ve restrained myself to only give her cameo appearance on these pages, uber challenging, as she follows me everywhere… love to chat, let me know how I can help, contact me here.